Top Branded Helmets In The World

Best Branded Helmets in the world
Best Branded Helmets in the world

Diving deep into the top brands that make best motorcycle helmets to provide highest quality head protection for motorcyclists across the world.


Top Best Branded helmets in the World

Top-Branded-Helmets-In-The-WorldProtecting a rider’s head is certainly a serious business. However, with so many brands in the market, choosing the right helmet can be as daunting as choosing the right bike. A good motorcycle helmet is an important riding gear, the quality of which cannot be compromised. With style, safety, and technology pushing the boundaries of motorcycle helmets, the time is just right to upgrade your lid. In our efforts to help you choose the right motorcycle helmet, we have enlisted the top retailers and manufacturers who offer everything from basic retro throwbacks to high-end race helmets.

One of the best motorcycle helmets recommended for most of the bikers is Shoei RF-1200. Designed to last for several years, this motorcycle gear helps you to stay absolutely safe when you are on the road. Shoei RF-1200 comes in a lighter, yet phenomenally stronger shell and dual density EPS liner, which put it in the top category of helmets. If this helmet is unavailable, then Vega X888 is the runner up. Having an excellent overall rating, this helmet is highly affordable, but does lack a premium feel.However, Vega X888 meets all the US DOT standards and is a best budget pick.

Use the following as an ultimate cheat sheet to identify the top motorcycle helmet brand out there.

Top Helmet Brands Compared in a Nutshell

Before you begin reading in detail, take a look at the following table, featuring top helmet in each brand, to quickly compare the top helmet brands.

Top Motorcycle Helmet  in Every Brand Brand Name
HJC CL-17 Mission – Full-Face Helmet HJC
AGV K3 – Full Face Helmet AGV
Shark RAW Blank Shark
Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Bike Racing Model Bell
Shoei RF-1200 Shoei
Arai Vector-2 Arai
Nolan N44 Trilogy Nolan


Aimed to answer your questions quickly yet accurately, we have kept the post to-the-point, as finding a helmet might not be exciting for most of the people.

What Made Us Compile These as the Top Brands?

Well, it was pretty simple and we compiled these by analyzing the most popular and best-selling helmets in every brand along with the number of satisfied customers for each of these. As all the below discussed brands are outstanding, we have not listed them in any order. These are the absolutely loved helmet brands in which the manufacturers’ hard work is channelized to assure safety and fun on the ride.


Established in the year 1947 by Gino Amisano, AGV is a top-quality Italian brand offering world-class helmets. AGV helmets are predominantly associated with the motorcycle World ChampionsValentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini. Both these victorious bikers have extensively used AGV helmets throughout their riding careers.

Being a pioneer in the in the realm of motorcycle helmets across the world, AGV is makes premium-quality helmets that not only offer utmost fit and safety, but are also highly affordable.Furthermore, these helmets are in complete compliance with all the DOT safety standards and certifications throughout their US line. In addition, most of the AGV helmets come with an ECE certification, which represents compliance with the European standards.


Having been in the business for over four decades now, since 1971, HJC is a brand that exclusively manufacturers world-class motorcycle helmets.Since the year 1992, HJC has emerged as the no. 1 brand on North America and is highly popular in numerous other European countries. Ultimate comfort, unmatched style, uncompromised quality, and affordable price range are some of major factors that make this brand of helmets increasingly popular among biking enthusiasts.

Well, there is more to it. One of the lesser known facts that make HJC so popular is the wide selection of helmets it offers in a flexible price range. It has flamboyant collection of head hears from mid-range to high-end. Next, helmets from this brand undergo stringent series of wind tunnel laboratory testing to assess important features, such as aerodynamics, noise, ventilations, and other similar attributes.HJC is constantly improving its testing methods and technology to make riding safer.


Japanese have always got it right. So does Shoei, a Japanese establishment incorporated in the year 1959, in Tokyo, has successfully cracked it when it comes to motorcycle helmets and is now regarded as one of the most sought after helmet brands across the globe.  Shoeimakeshigh-end,premium-built helmets, which offer unparalleled quality and are the innovators in this very sector.

The first ever carbon fiber helmet was manufactured by Shoei in the year 1976. In addition, this brand is also the first in its race to place kevlar in the construction of the helmets.Kevlar is a high-strength material designed to offer stability and rigidity. Although Shoei is not a very large establishment, being fairly small, they are known for the high-quality helmets they make. This has led to their enormous, loyal motorcycle fan base spread across the world.

Shoei also ensures that their customers never get disappointed and function like “Apple” in the smartphone industry.Therefore, it definitely goes without saying that they make the safest and most comfortable helmets.However, the best thing about Shoei is the whopping 5-year warranty they offer on almost all their products.


Arai is a renowned helmet brand that is quite old and was started in the year 1926.Similar to Shoei, Arai is also a Japanese brand that offers some of the top-class motorcycle helmets around the world. However, the coolest thing about this brand of helmets is that, all their helmets are hand built. Well, isn’t that exciting?

To ensure that these helmets serve their purpose, they are rigorously tested at every single stage of production. Besides, every helmet manufactured is separately tested for flaws at different points of production – once as soon as the shell of the helmet is completed, next, after the helmet gets painted, and finally, after the helmet is assembled.

Arai, like all the above discussed helmets, also makes some of the popular and top-quality helmets available out there. All their helmets are designed to meet or exceed the safety ratings of the Snell Memorial Foundation.Therefore, it is needless to say that these helmets are highly comfortable and ensure maximum ventilation. Several prominent MotoGP racers, including Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa, extensively use Arai.


Manufactured by Bell motors, regarded as the experts in whatever they do, Bell Helmets are another popular brand of helmets. They can be called as the innovators, as their very first full-faced helmets designed in the year 1971. These helmets are not only highly functional but are stylish as well. Bell is a brand that makes different types of helmets and most of these are predominantly worn by some of the top motocross racers such as James Stewart and Josh Herrin.

Bell makes a variety of helmets including full face, half face, 3/4 face, snowmobile and various other types of helmets. However, the most fascinating factor is the detail that goes into helmet designing – beautifully crafted and extremely comfortable on head.

In addition, bell helmets also offer superior ventilation system and are easy on the head because they believe in making helmets that are extremely light in weight. Besides, the quick release shield of these helmets is another factor that actually stands out from the rest.Apart from motorcycle helmets, Bell is also known for their bicycle helmets, which are safe and stylish.

Furthermore, the “Rough Helmet”manufactured by bell is also the most popular half helmet helmets that are available today.


SHARK is one of the leading innovators in helmets and was incorporated and established in the year 1986, in the country of France.This company is well known for its innovative technology and world class design. They offer helmets that precisely cater to all the needs of even the most demanding motorcyclists.

This company was actually established by some of the professional racers and this fact is highly evident in the effort and emphasizes that SHARK puts on its safety and performance standards.Marketing around 350,000 helmets every year with the help of a sales network of around 5,000 outlets across the globe, SHARK is one of the major players.

Some of the significant racers who established the company include, Raymond Roche, Olivier Jacque, Randy de Puniet, Scott Reading, Carl Fogarty, Pol Espargaro,Cyril Despres, Olivier Panis, Troy Corser, and many more.

The brand offers a 5 years warranty with most helmets.


Nolan is yet another awesome helmet manufacturer having an Italian origin. The company was established in the year 1973 and makes some of safest gears that meet and exceed the DOT standards for helmets. Furthermore, the look and feel of Nolan helmets is premium and the best part is that, they are reasonably priced. Next, they are also covered by an exciting 5 year warranty period. Nolan manufactures everything in-house.Motorcycle racers such as Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri have extensively used these helmets throughout their racing careers. Other popular motorcycle racers such as Ricardo.T also used Nolan helmets.

Summing Up

If you are on your expedition to find yourself a new helmet, but do not have enough time to read the reviews for new helmets, then you can consider one of the above discussed brands. Basically, what type of bike you ride and where exactly you ride are the two important factors to be considered while choosing the right helmet. Although these top brands promise uncompromising safety,style, and comfort, it is essential for you to identify your criteria and then choose the one that precisely cater to these.


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