BMW’s Self Balancing Motorcycle Is a Concept Vehicle worth Mentioning

BMW_self_balacing_next genearation motorcycle
BMW_self_balacing_next genearation motorcycle

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With the world we live in today, a nice long drive is sometimes all you need. Imagine driving your motorcycle for miles without having to worry about the use of helmets or wearing padded clothing. How about a motorcycle where you don’t have to put your feet on the ground for it to come to a standstill?  To make our lives simpler, the design heads at BMW have come a long way into producing an innovative future motorcycle like never before. To be precise, their self-balancing motorcycle is a dream come true for all the passionate motorcyclists out there. Let’s take a closer in depth look at the buzz that surrounds BMW’s motorcycle of tomorrow.


The Unveiling of BMW’s motorcycle of the future


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BMW is a giant name in the world of cars and motorcycles. This past year, it has managed to turn heads with the unveiling of its futuristic concept vehicle in California. Being a part of the BMW next 100 concept of vehicles for their 100 year celebration, this motorcycle is the last of its series. This BMW bike is known as the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 and it is exactly what designers at BMW suspect motorcycles will be like many years from today. This motorcycle can be viewed as possessing the excitement and thrill of today’s motorbikes, but with lesser the danger.


What makes the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 so special?

The real question on everyone’s mind is what makes this future motorcycle so special. Well, let’s say you’ll be in for a real treat when you find out. This BMW bike possesses some of the coolest features like self-balancing wheels. This means drivers of this motorbike will only require a kickstand when the vehicle is shut down. Other than that, drivers are treated to security of the finest level. An electronically powered safety cage can communicate with other vehicles in close proximity. To avoid mishaps such as crashes, road sensors have also been installed in this motorcycle.

This concept vehicle unveiled by BMW will be wholly powered by an electric motor instead of the usual gasoline powered engine. The electric motor will retain the standard BMW flat twin engine shape, where cylinders are seen protruding outwards from the sides. The use of joints in this motorbike has been eliminated as the bike’s flexible frame allows it to bend as it is steered into position.

A Smooth and Powerful Ride

BMW_self_balacing_next genearation motorcycle
BMW_self_balacing_next genearation motorcycle

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The steering power of the bike will ultimately depend on its speed according to BMW officials. The slower the speed, the easier it is to the steer the bike. However as the speed increases, drivers must employ greater force to steer. Don’t expect to find any shock absorbers installed in this machine as the tires will manage to smooth the ride on their own. The ride’s variable tread allows it to adjust according to the conditions of the road.

Impeccable Design and Features

BMW has also managed to capture many people’s attention with the unraveling display of certain ambitious features with this future motorcycle. Helmets have been replaced with goggles that not only offer protection but deliver the right information at the right time. A suit is also available that does not contain unnecessary padding; adjusts to the rider’s body temperature and prevents all fatigue of muscles due to riding. Navigational feedback and alerts for leaning too far is brought about through vibrating units in the arms.

A motorcycle that allows itself to sustain balance and provide safety on its own is what this BMW bike is all about. With its promising features and innovative design, it will be interesting to see how much of the concept vehicle can actually be brought to life by the makers at BMW.


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