BMW’s Flying Motorcycle Concept Has Mesmerized the Lives of Future Design Enthusiasts

Bmw bikes future generation

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You can always expect the designers at Lego to be on the verge of coming up with something new and creative. This time however, the boys at Lego Technic’s team have given innovation a new name. The launch of their BMW flying future motorcycle concept has been so widely appreciated that the Bavarians have set out to create a life size version of this design concept.

Lego Technic’s futuristic design

This concept by Lego comes from the idea of life being an imitation of the world of art and design. Lego designers felt the need to create a breath of fresh air into a version of future life, making use of the pieces of the kit for this BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Bike. With the 2 in 1 kits, customers were provided with the opportunity to create either of the two final products from one kit.

What features does this BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Bike possess?

The following features make up the design of the BMW R1200 GS Adventure Bike:

  • Beautiful built with a chic and modern appeal
  • Used on track as well as on road
  • 1170 cc, two cylinder boxer engine with 4 valves on each cylinder
  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Travel suspension designed for long distance travel
  • On board diagnostic indicator lights
  • Side reflectors
  • Mounted cylinder protection covers
  • Top speed ranging up to 210 Km/H
  • Transmission consisting of 6 speed, shaft drive
  • Power of 109 Hp and Torque of 120 N-m
  • Weight of 203 Kg
  • Front and rear brakes


What was the BMW design department’s motivation towards the creation of this concept?

So what exactly motivated the BMW’s design department into creating a fabulous Hover Ride variant is a question asked by many. In BMW, the design department possesses a team of young talented designers who work relentlessly. They aim towards perfecting their talents before offering promotional activities to the big leagues out there. The Lego Hover Ride model was their true inspiration into the production of the exact variant in the form of a full scale version future motorcycle. However, making this creation fly could not be sought out by the dream team.


Appearances made by the full size model of BMW’s Hover Ride Design Concept

In Copenhagen recently, this prototype made its first unveiling at LEGO World. The crowds were numerous in numbers. Other appearances were also made at several different European destinations such as Munich’s BMW Group Research and Innovation Center. The BMW Welt Museum was also included. Great applause and praise was depicted by gathers, appreciating an innovative concept like never before.


A learning experience worth remembering

Despite the fact that this piece of art did not manage to pass the test for flying, the cooperation and motivation portrayed by BMW’s design team is every bit worth remembering. Colleagues from an array of variable disciplines teamed up with trainees to produce this technical BMW bike model. Everyone learned a lot throughout the process, depicting how great of a power unity and hard work is.

The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Bike is the true definition of a perfect bike. Designed to go places where cars have never been, there’s no denying the fact that the innovative team at Lego has pushed the BMW design department into the extent of creating a future motorcycle like never before.


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